How Do You Remove Auto Paint?


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To remove car paint, use an automated paint remover, such as a sander or high-power chemical spray; use a chemical paint remover to get rid of paint without causing damage to the vehicle; or remove the paint manually using sandpaper or a paint scraper. When removing paint on a classic car, strip the paint manually instead of using an automated remover to avoid damaging the vehicle.

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While manual paint removal requires plenty of work, it is the ideal method for taking paint off cars susceptible to damage from automated or chemical products. When stripping paint on cars other than classic vehicles, use chemical removers by applying chemical strippers in a tiny sample area to ensure they work well and don't cause damage.

Prepare the car by covering side mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces, and use painter's tape to cover other parts, such as the door stoppers, bumpers and wheel chrome. Slightly sand the car, particularly dents and damaged areas concealed with paint.

While paint removers are typically available as spray cans, practice extra caution by using a stripper pot with a paintbrush and rubbing the stripper evenly in downward motions. Remove the stripper after 30 minutes, get rid of remaining paint with a paint scraper, and clean the area with a sponge.

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