How Do You Remove an Alternator?

How Do You Remove an Alternator?

To remove an alternator, remove the serpentine belt and any parts blocking access to the alternator, and then disconnect the wires and bolts connected to the part. You need a mechanic's tool set and an air-powered ratchet.

  1. Consult a repair manual

    Consult the repair manual for your vehicle, and make changes where necessary.

  2. Disconnect the battery

    Disconnect the cable from the negative terminal on the battery.

  3. Remove the fan shroud

    Remove the shroud that covers the radiator fan. If the fan is blocking access to the pulleys on the serpentine belt, remove it.

  4. Remove the remaining parts

    Consult your repair manual to see which parts, belts and hoses need to be removed to gain access to the serpentine belt, and remove the parts.

  5. Remove the serpentine belt

    Turn the bolt on the tensioner pulley until it reaches the recommended tension specification in the repair manual, and remove the serpentine belt.

  6. Disconnect the voltage regulator wire

    Locate the clip attached to the wire that's connected to the voltage regulator. Press down on the clip, and wiggle the wire to disconnect it.

  7. Disconnect the ring terminal

    Loosen the nut that secures the battery cable to the alternator to remove the ring terminal.

  8. Remove the alternator

    Use an air-powered ratchet to loosen the bolts that secure the alternator, and remove the alternator.