What Is Remote-Start Troubleshooting?


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Remote-start troubleshooting is a form of problem-solving that is often applied to repair failed remote car starters. To troubleshoot a remote car starter, first identify the particular problem, and then clean or replace the malfunctioning component.

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What Is Remote-Start Troubleshooting?
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If the car does not start when you press the remote-starter button, the remote control or remote receiver module in the vehicle might be defective. Check if the LED light on the remote control flashes after pressing the start button. If it lights up, the remote control is functioning properly. Examine the remote receiver module in the car to see if it is picking up a signal from the remote, and replace it if is defective.

If the car is picking up the signal from the remote but still does not start, examine the hood pin switch and replace it if it is faulty. Check if the fuse in the main power source has blown off, and replace it accordingly. If the car signal with flashing lights, check to see if the parking lights are faulty, and replace them if necessary.

If the engine turns over but does not start, the car might have an immobilizer system. An immobilizer system works with a small microchip embedded in the vehicle’s key to prevent car theft. It works by interrupting the flow of power to the different systems of the vehicle, and to make the remote starter work, buy a system that bypasses the immobilizer system.

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