How Do You Get a Remote Start System Installed in a Car?

remote-start-system-installed-car Credit: superoke/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

To get a remote start system installed in a car, find a safe place to conduct the installation, and then connect the remote start system to the car's chassis, ignition, starter and accessory. For proper wiring, refer to the owner's manual.

Start by obtaining a remote start system that is compatible with your car, and carefully read the owner's manual and the instructions that accompany the system to understand the wiring system of the car. Find an appropriate location to install the system, one that is free of heat or heavy vibrations, and detach the lower dash panel to access the car's ignition wires. For safety, install the remote start system in a secluded location.

To wire the remote start system, start by connecting its ground wire to the car's chassis, taking care not to attach the wire to the dash of the car. Run the wires appropriately through the holes in the firewall. Install the fuse holder closest to the power source, connect the system wires with the ignition wires, and attach the accessory wire. Next, attach the starter wire, connect the brake wire, tape all the connections, and test the remote system. Remember to strip all the wire ends before connecting them.