How Reliable Are Used ATV Parts?


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The reliability of a used ATV part depends greatly on the trustworthiness of the auto parts store or salvage yard selling the part. To learn about the store or yard's reputation, ask the opinion of friends and family who have dealt with the establishment in the past. Also, check online reviews to read about what other customers have to say.

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There are two additional steps that a buyer can take to enhance the value of the purchase. First, if purchasing from a salvage yard, learn about the yard's inspection and testing process, and confirm that it adheres to industry and legal standards. Second, visually inspect the part and ensure that it's in good working condition. If necessary, involve an auto mechanic who has extensive knowledge about the ATV's make and model in the purchase.

Purchasing a used ATV part online is a fairly common practice. However, it can open a buyer to certain risks. If the part is being purchased online, research the seller's warranty, shipping, return and refund policies. If the seller doesn't provide customers with any of these, it is wise to forgo doing business with that particular seller. Feedback and customer ratings can provide helpful information about a seller's reliability, reputation and selling history.

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