How Do You Find the Most Reliable Truck for Your Needs?

How Do You Find the Most Reliable Truck for Your Needs?

To find the most reliable truck for your needs, list the features you need, set your budget, and research each truck that matches your criteria. A truck can be chosen within an hour, but such a large purchase may require additional contemplation.

  1. Decide on features

    Features to consider include: truck size, engine, seating options, fuel economy, the truck bed and towing capacity. Compact pickup trucks are typically more economical with less power and storage space. Their towing capacity is about 3,000 pounds, which is enough for most trailers and boats. Seating options offered are standard cab, extended cab and crew cab. Standard cab has only front seats, while an extended cab has front seats with jump seats or a bench seat in the back. Crew cab has four doors with full seating in the front and back.

  2. Set a budget

    As of 2014, there are new trucks that start at less than $20,000. Based on your budget and the features you need, decide whether you need to buy a used or new truck. New trucks depreciate in value more quickly than used trucks.

  3. Read reviews

    Pull up multiple reviews for every truck that is within your budget and has your required features. The reviews should include safety ratings and information about the truck's reliability. Factor in additional features each truck offers, such as navigation technology, satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity and a high-quality audio system.