How Do You Register a Vehicle in the State of Georgia?


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Vehicle registration in the state of Georgia requires a car tag or title application, proof of insurance, proof of identity, a vehicle title, and an inspection certificate. Presenting these items to a Georgia tag office and paying a vehicle registration fee completes the vehicle registration process.

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The state of Georgia requires new residents to register their vehicles with the Georgia Motor Vehicle Division within 30 days of becoming a resident. Newly purchased vehicles or vehicles that have gone through a change in ownership must be registered within seven days. Upon becoming a resident of Georgia, vehicle insurance that complies with Georgia state laws must be acquired, and proof of insurance should be in hand. A Georgia's drivers license should also be obtained, as this is required for a proof of identity. Finally, the vehicle must be inspected and a proof of inspection should be in hand.

With the vehicle title, inspection proof, insurance proof and driver's proof of identity all in hand, the registration process can begin at any local Georgia Motor Vehicle Division. Registration itself involves providing the required information to a clerk at the Motor Vehicle Division and paying a fee. Once this fee is paid, proof of registration is provided and should be kept in the vehicle at all times. Registration in Georgia lasts for one year and must be renewed every year.

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