How Do You Register a Vehicle?


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You can register a vehicle by visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles office in the state the vehicle is to be registered in. Some states require vehicles to be registered through the Secretary of State or Department of Revenue.

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How Do You Register a Vehicle?
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Information about registering a car can be found at the official office that handles car registrations in the state in which the car is going to be registered. Information regarding the cost of registering the vehicle, as well as whether a temporary license plate or tag is issued, can be found through those departments. All states require cars to be registered.

Before a person registers his car, he most likely needs to have the title to the car in his name, have his car pass an emissions test or smog check, pass a vehicle safety inspection, and make sure the owner and the vehicle are covered by automobile insurance.

Customers also need to make sure they bring the necessary registration documents and forms, and be prepared to pay the vehicle registration fees and any applicable county and state taxes. To find more information regarding the process and necessary fees, drivers can visit DMV.org and click on the state their vehicles are to be registered in.

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