How Do You Register a Used Class A Motorhome?


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In most states, registering a used class A motorhome requires you to provide proof of ownership and any required inspections, and then pay the registration fee. Some states may require you to have special license endorsements.

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Registering a class A motorhome is similar to registering a car. You need the title signed over from the previous owner. Some states require emissions tests, safety inspections or other proofs that the vehicle is safe and roadworthy. The fees for motorhome registration vary as well. Some states have a flat fee, while others base it on the motorhome's value. All states also require proof of insurance before allowing you to register a vehicle.

Some states, such as Maryland, require drivers to have special permits to drive RVs. If you live in one of these states, you need to apply for a learner's permit and practice driving the motorhome. After you master it, you need to take a written safety test. You also have to take a driving test. This consists of a skills test on a closed course followed by a road test in Maryland. Some smaller RVs may be exempt from these requirements, but class A motorhomes are usually large enough to qualify for special license endorsements.

You can check your state's Department of Motor Vehicle's website to look up specific requirements.

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