How Do You Register Tires With the DOT?

Car owners can register their tires using their respective Department of Transportation, or DOT, code through registration forms provided by various tire retailers, such as Michelin and Bridgestone. A tire registration form generally requires the owner's contact information, tire dealer information, product information for each tire and the tire's DOT identification number. Tire owners can locate the DOT identification number on their product by examining its sidewalls.

A DOT ID number includes a variety of product information about the tire, including the tire size code, week of manufacture, year of manufacture, manufacturer's code and the tire's manufacturing location. DOT identification number registrations are required for each tire type that has a different number associated with it. Certain retailers, such as, may provide a service that registers a purchased tire's DOT ID number for their customers. In addition to online forms, tire retailers can also provide their customers with a tire registration form during installation or delivery.

DOT identification numbers are required to start with "DOT" and then have 10 to 12 characters, which include a variety of symbols, letters and numbers. As of 2015, tires that do not have a DOT identification number do not meet the standards of sale in the United States.