How Do You Register for the Tacoma World Forums?

How Do You Register for the Tacoma World Forums?

Register for the Tacoma World forums by filling in the registration form on the website. The registration form consists of questions regarding the user's Toyota Tacoma truck and the user himself.

To access the registration form, click the Forums button on the homepage, and click the button again when a content menu appears. Click the orange Join the Community button on the top right to access the form. When selecting a user name, the forum suggests that you do not use your actual name. Then, provide your email address, and create a password.

In addition to your gender, date of birth and first name, the registration form asks you to define your vehicle in one line, mention any modifications and state whether or not you've served in the U.S. Army. As all personal questions are optional, you can leave these fields empty.

You should then check the boxes next to I'm not a Robot and the terms and rules agreement, and click Sign Up. Click Terms and Rules to see the agreement. The agreement indicates that by posting on the forums, the user grants Tacoma Forum the nonexclusive and unlimited right to use and publish the content posted. The moderation staff also indicate that they review the content and may remove offensive and spam-like material.

Once registered, click Post New Thread in a subcategory or Post Reply in a thread to start posting in the forum. A membership isn't necessary to view the content posted by forum members.