How Do You Register a Car in New York?

How Do You Register a Car in New York?

To register a car in New York, you must provide a local DMV office with a completed MV-82 form, proof of identity, insurance cards, payment for applicable fees and vehicle ownership documents. Emissions testing may be required for specific vehicles.

  1. Complete form MV-82

    To begin the registration process, print and fill out form MV-82, or the Vehicle Registration/Title Application. This form is available at any DMV office, or online. The form requires your driver's license number, vehicle identification number and contact information.

  2. Obtain emissions testing

    If your vehicle was manufactured after 1996 or has less than 7,500 miles on the clock, you must successfully pass an emissions inspection. Emissions inspection is available at car repair facilities and dealerships throughout New York.

  3. Provide proof of ownership

    Before visiting the DMV, gather the vehicle bill of sale or NYS Certificate of Title to prove vehicle ownership.

  4. Gather insurance paperwork

    To register a vehicle, you must carry valid auto liability insurance. Be prepared to show your insurance card at the DMV.

  5. Display proof of age and identity

    In New York, you must be at least 16 years old to register a vehicle. Provide the DMV with a government-issued driver's license, identification card or an official birth certificate.

  6. Visit the DMV

    Visit your local DMV office with proper documentation and an acceptable form of payment. Exact payment amount depends on vehicle type, registration duration and county-specific vehicle use taxes. Upon acceptance of documents and payment, you'll receive vehicle plates, registration sticker and official registration documentation.