How Do You Register a Car in Florida?

How Do You Register a Car in Florida?

As of 2015, to register a car in Florida, you must present documents to the DMV showing proof of ownership, approved auto insurance and proof of the vehicle identification number (VIN). This must be done within 10 days of acquiring work or sending a child to a state school.

  1. Obtain approved auto insurance

    Obtain auto insurance with a company that is licensed to do business in the state of Florida. The minimum coverage levels include $10,000 of both personal liability protection and property damage liability. Check with the DMV before getting coverage, as past auto accidents or criminal convictions may require that you carry bodily injury liability coverage as well.

  2. Obtain the out-of-state title and VIN verification

    Get a certified copy of the title for the vehicle to show ownership. A copy of the title can usually be obtained by contacting the state DMV where the title was issued. The state DMV can also generally provide the VIN verification number for the vehicle as well.

  3. Take the Florida state driver's test

    Take the driver's test for Florida to receive a Florida state driver's license. The driver's license must be earned before the vehicle can be registered with the state. The test can be taken at most DMV locations during regular business hours.

  4. Register the vehicle

    Present a Florida state driver's license, proof of title, VIN verification and proof of insurance to the DMV at a Florida DMV location to register the vehicle. Once the documents are verified, the vehicle is registered for use in the state, and the owner receives a Florida state license plate, vehicle registration certificate and validation decal.