How Do You Refinish Aluminum Wheels?


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The process of refinishing an aluminum wheel requires cleaning, sanding and polishing its surface. Flat-faced wheels are much easier to refinish as opposed to those with several spokes, as the polish needs to reach every area.

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Wheels experience all types of wear and tear from environmental debris and contact with streets and curbs. Refinishing a wheel can bring a shine back to it and rid the wheels of any curb rash or scratches. The following instructions explain how to correctly refinish a wheel.

  1. Remove any coats the wheel may have
  2. Some wheels have an old-anodized finish that needs to be properly stripped before they can be refinished. If the wheel does not have an anodized finish, proceed to the next step.

  3. Clean the wheel
  4. Clean the wheel thoroughly using soap and water.

  5. Sand the wheel
  6. Once the wheel dries, sand it down. Sanding will even out the existing finish on the wheel.

  7. Buff the wheels
  8. Add a buffing compound and rubg it into the wheel. Continue to add layers of the polishing mixture onto it. As the wheel is buffed, the metal will start to shine.

  9. Add the protectant
  10. Add the finish protectant to the wheel. Once done with the first rim, repeat the process on all four wheels

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