How Do You Recycle Tires for Money?


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Recycle tires for money by reaching out to local tire retailers, collecting old tires, and getting the best price possible for the tires. Take the tires back to these local retailers, then collect the cash for the used tires.

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Look for tire recyclers, rubber companies or tire retreaders in the local area by using the phone book or Internet. These retailers often buy old or used tires, then use them for various purposes. Call a few of these companies and find out what type of policy is in place for buying old tires. Find out what types of tires the company buys, how much is available per tire, and how many tires the company takes from one person.

After contacting these retailers, narrow down the list to the retailers that pay the most for tires or to the retailers that accept any type of tires. Collect tires by going to gas stations and asking if there are old tires available. Many times, gas stations collect old tires, but then must pay for the transportation of the tires off-site. Ask to transport these tires for free, and take any available. Deliver the tires to the retreaders, then collect the money offered.

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