How Do You Recycle Old Boats?


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Recycle an old boat by turning it into used boat part dealers or participants in the Vessel Turn-In Program. Salvagers sometimes compensate owners for usable parts while subtracting the cost of dismantling, recycling and disposing of necessary parts or wastes. Not all dealers accept boats of the same type and length, so boat recyclers should do some research or ask questions to locate an appropriate used boat part dealer.

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The recycling process for a boat consists of four steps. For the first step, masts, stanchions, hatches, winches and all other metal hardware must come off the boat. Secondhand boat stores often restore and sell old seats and engines. Next, metal recycling companies accept damaged and unusable metal parts made of aluminum, steel, copper or lead.

The next step is the proper disposal of any batteries that contain harmful chemicals. Try giving batteries to an auto parts store if they're in good condition. The last step is to crush, grind up and separate the fiberglass boat material. Different manufacturing industries accept these materials depending on the type of fiberglass and how well recyclers grind the material. The best way to grind fiberglass for reuse is to reduce it to small pieces or powder.

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