How Do You Recondition Golf Cart Batteries?


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In order to recondition golf batteries, a mixture of distilled water and Epsom salts will need to be pour into each of it cells, at which point the battery will need to be recharged. Golf batteries, unlike automotive, batteries, do not have a continual charge while in use, which causes them to fail more frequently.

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Due to a golf battery's excessive use, sulfur becomes built up inside of its lead plates. This results in the battery being unable to hold a charge. The following instructions explain how to properly recondition a golf cart battery using a distilled water mixture.

  1. Remove the battery caps
  2. Remove the battery caps and inspect each cell.

  3. Create a mixture of distilled water and Epsom salts
  4. Mix 10 tablespoon of Epsom salt with distilled water until it disintegrates.

  5. Pour the mixture into the battery
  6. Pour the mixture into each battery cell and recharge the battery.

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