How Do You Recharge a Car Battery?

How Do You Recharge a Car Battery?

To recharge a car battery, clean the battery terminals, and connect a trickle charger to the terminals. Turn on the trickle charger, and allow the battery to charge overnight. Check that the battery is charged by turning on the vehicle.

  1. Clean the battery terminals

    Turn off the car, and allow it to cool. Put on gloves, and apply a baking soda paste to a damp cloth. Use the baking soda paste to clean away the dry sulfuric acid around the battery terminals. Wipe down the area, and let it dry completely.

  2. Attach the trickle charger cables

    Remove the cell caps from the terminals if necessary. Attach the red cable from the trickle charger to the positive terminal on the battery, and then attach the other cable to the negative terminal. Check the markings of each terminal to see which is positive or negative. Don't let the cables from the trickle charger touch.

  3. Charge the battery

    Plug the charger into an outlet, and turn on the charger. Let the battery recharge overnight, and check the ampere reading in the morning. If the charger reads less than 1 ampere, turn off and unplug the charger.

  4. Check the battery

    Turn on the vehicle to see if the battery is charged.