How Do You Receive Quotes on Used Cars From Salvage Yards?


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To get a quote from a salvage yard, you may need to search for a salvage yard from the phone book or online, visit the salvage yard, and ask for the car quotes directly. The other way would be to go through online listings and identify salvage yards selling cars with price quotes.

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Salvage yards have different ways of disposing their used or damaged cars. Some salvage yards have periodic auctions through which they sell their cars to the highest bidders. The auction can take place online or at the physical yard of the salvage company. If the auction is online, the salvage yard displays the pictures of the specific cars they hope to sell and include descriptions such as the year of manufacture and mileage. Buyers who choose to go the salvage yard have the advantage of seeing the cars and even negotiating with the sellers.

When receiving a quote for a used car from the salvage yard, it is advisable to find out if the car has any titles or ownership documents. If not, the buyer must re-register the car before driving it, explains Auto Gator. Most quotes for used cars do not include sales tax. The buyer must find out if the state laws require any special fee for the salvaged car. In most cases, the car needs to go through fresh inspection before re-registration.

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