What Are the Recalls for the 2001 Jeep Cherokee?


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The 2001 Jeep Cherokee SUV has been the subject of eight recalls as of June 2015, with the majority involving the vehicle's lighting assemblies and fuel system. A recall due to inadequate child safety seat restraint instructions was also issued, as was a recall for some aftermarket master brake cylinders.

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Most recalls for the 2001 Jeep Cherokee have involved aftermarket parts sold as replacements. Recalls were issued in 2006 and 2009 for corner and bumper lamps sold by AJ Motorsport, Pro-A Motors, Dope and Sabersport. These lighting assemblies lacked federally required amber side reflectors, reducing the visibility of the vehicle at night. Another recall involved aftermarket fuel pumps sold by Airtex with plastic electrical connector grommets that could degrade and pose a fire hazard.

The only 2001 Cherokee recall involving original Jeep equipment involved a potential fire hazard due to a problem with the fuel injection system in vehicles equipped with a 4-liter engine. The intake and exhaust manifolds on these vehicles could allow debris to accumulate at the number-three cylinder in the engine, which could potentially ignite. Jeep addressed this issue by installing manifold shields in affected vehicles, which prevented debris from entering the engine. While a recall regarding child seat restraints was also issued, this recall was due to missing instructions in some copies of the owner's manual for the vehicle and did not reflect a defect in the Jeep's restraint system.

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