How Do You Know If There Is a Recall on Your Chrysler Vehicle?

How Do You Know If There Is a Recall on Your Chrysler Vehicle?

To find out if there is a recall on your Chrysler vehicle, visit the company's recall website at Find the Look Up By VIN field, and type in your vehicle's VIN. Click the search button to view any recalls associated with your vehicle. Chrysler also mails recall notifications to owners.

The Chrysler VIN search is the most efficient way to find vehicle-specific recalls. Locate the VIN on the left side of the vehicle's dashboard or on insurance documents or the vehicle's title.

If you do not have access to the VIN, you can find general recall information at Use the pull-down menus to select the model year, make and model of your vehicle. Click the Go button to see current recalls and recalls from the past 15 years. also offers a VIN look-up tool.

Chrysler issues safety recalls for problems that affect the operation of the vehicle. Safety recalls may also relate to problems that endanger passengers. The necessary actions vary by recall; Chrysler offers instructions for each issue on the mailed notice and the online recall page.

For problems that do not endanger passengers or compromise operation, Chrysler uses awareness campaigns instead. Chrysler separates these non-urgent problems into two categories: emissions recalls and customer satisfaction notifications. Both types show up on the Chrysler recall search, along with information about how to proceed.