How do you rebuild a Keihin carburetor?


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To rebuild a Keihin carburetor, remove the unit from the vehicle, take its float bowl and floats out, and remove the pilot and main jets. Use copper wire to clean the holes of the jets, and spray a cleaning spray meant for carburetors in the holes. Finally, position the jets at the bottom of the carburetor, place the float height correctly, and replace the float bowl.

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To remove the Keihin carburetor from an ATV or a motorcycle, refer to the vehicle's repair manual, and follow the specific instructions given. After removing the carburetor, look for four retainer screws on its bottom side. Remove these screws, and gently pull out the float bowl.

Push the retainer pin positioned horizontally on the floats, remove it, and then take out the floats. To remove the jets, turn their screws in a counter-clockwise direction by hand.

Now, cut three 1-foot-long pieces from a copper wire. Wind two of the pieces around each other, and insert into the larger holes of the jets to remove accumulated fuel and dirt. Bend the third wire piece, and use it to clean the smaller holes of the jets. Next, spray the cleaning spray, and allow it to coat all the jet holes.

To position the jets in the carburetor, twist them into place. Then, place the float height right beneath the fuel needle by bending the metal tab over the latter. Finally, reattach the float bowl using the retainer screws.

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