How Do You Rebuild a GM 700R4 Transmission?


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The process of rebuilding a GM 700-R4 transmission involves acquiring the rebuild kit along with all needed gaskets, seals and hardware before removing and disassembling the transmission. Once disassembled, inspect and clean all parts, and replace those that have suffered damage or begun to show signs of wear. Rebuilding a transmission requires a number of special tools such as a pump puller.

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After obtaining a rebuild kit, inspect and test fit all bushing drivers. Those that are too loose may suffer damage during installation, and those that are too tight may seize. Inspect all small parts springs and other hardware, but do not remove these items from the bag until needed. Study the instructions, and refer to any relevant repair manuals in order to become familiar with the rebuilding process prior to beginning any work.

After unmounting the transmission and disassembling the catch pan, linkage and valve body, place the transmission on a suitable work surface. It may be helpful to have a clean table nearby to lay out, organize and clean smaller parts. Clean all parts one at a time, and replace the clutch plates and any internal components that appear worn. Complete the process by reassembling the transmission before reattaching it to the vehicle.

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