How Do You Rebuild a Chevy 350 Motor?

An engine rebuild is an extensive repair that requires installing all the internal components of an engine including the oil pump, crankshaft and pistons. Mild rebuilds are usually the result of a damaged internal component while a full-on re-manufactured engine completely refurbishes every part on the block.

Before rebuilding an engine the owner will need to choose between a mild or full rebuild. A mild build aims to repair worn internal components while a complete refurbishing overhauls the engine in its entirety. The following steps lightly explain how to rebuild an engine:

  1. Take the engine apart
  2. Remove the head from the bottom-end. Remove the crankshaft and inspect the pistons, connecting rod bearings and valves.

  3. Machine the engine
  4. Once the internal components are removed, machine the engine block and head. Machining will flatten and smooth any abrasive surfaces from the engine.

  5. Order new parts
  6. Order the new parts needed for the rebuild. The Chevy 350 engine uses specifically sized bearings and piston rings. If the sizes are off the engine will fail and require another rebuild.

  7. Install the new internal components
  8. Install the new piston rings, connecting rods, bearings, oil pump and other internal components. Every part will need to be torqued down to the required specifications. Install new gaskets. Before completing the rebuild be sure the components are properly balanced and reinstall the engine's hardware.