How Do You Reattach a Car's Headliner?

Reattaching a car’s headliner involves removing the trim that covers the edges of the headliner, peeling back the headliner, cleaning all traces of glue or foam from the headliner board, spraying an adhesive on the board and then fixing the headliner back. The headliner, or the overhead fabric, gives an attractive and protective covering to the roof interior. After a while, the glue that fastens this fabric to the roof can wear off, causing the headliner to hang loose.

The tools required for headliner repairs include a screwdriver, sandpaper, cloth, vacuum, scrub brush, ruler and spray adhesive. Use a screwdriver to remove the trim around the edges of the overhead fabric to detach it. Remove loose sections of the headliner or the entire headliner depending on the overall condition. Peel back the loose sections of the headliner and use sandpaper and a clean cloth to clean out foam and glue traces from the cardboard. Vacuum the interior of the car to clean out the glue and foam residue.

Spray a thin and even layer of adhesive on the cardboard and then reattach the overhead fabric, using a ruler to smooth it out over the cardboard, and ensuring there are no wrinkles or air bubbles. Give the adhesive about 30 minutes to dry before fixing back the trim around the edges of the headliner.