What Reasons Would You Have to Look up a State ID Number?

Some reasons a person might have to look up a State ID are to verify identity or age, run a criminal background check or perform a credit report. It is common for potential employers to request a state ID or driver's license number from an individual for these purposes.

State IDs are popular with people who do not drive, but still need to be able to prove their identity, age and address. This includes people not yet old enough to obtain a driver's license, those who do not drive at all, and individuals who may have had their driver's licenses suspended or revoked. Either a state ID or a state-issued driver's license is necessary to board an airplane, use a credit card, prove identity to sign a contract, write a check, open a bank account and even to vote in some states such as Texas, Georgia and Tennessee.

States generally require state ID applicants to provide documentation proving their identity and residency. Each state has its own list of acceptable documents that applicants may use to prove their eligibility. Applicants commonly use a passport or birth certificate, social security card, and a mortgage or rental agreement to satisfy these requirements, but there are many other acceptable documents that they may use. Applicants should contact the state's Department of Motor Vehicles, Secretary of State's office, Department of Transportation, or relevant licensing department for details concerning individual requirements and acceptable documentation for obtaining an identification card in a particular state.