Why Is My Rear Wheel Bearing Making a Noise?

Rear wheel bearings make unusual noises when they are going bad. Oftentimes, the sound of grinding or scraping in the rear of the car is a sign of faulty rear wheel bearings. If the sound is caused by the rear wheel bearings, it becomes louder as a car reaches high speeds.

Strange sounds coming from the rear of a car are not the only way to diagnosis bad rear wheel bearings. Another common sign is extremely worn-out tires. All tires wear down over time, but if they appear to be excessively worn down for the amount of miles traveled on them, this is a sign of bad rear wheel bearings.

Rear wheel bearings that are going bad could also give drivers problems when braking, which can pull the cars to the left or right. Sometimes the pull is slight, but it can be forceful other times.

When cars drift left or right when driving down the road or just have steering problems in general, the cause is usually alignment issues. However, steering problems can also be a sign of bad rear wheel bearings. Sometimes, this drifting can be caused by loose wheels, which is another sign of bad wheel bearings.