How Do You Read a VW Parts Diagram?


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VW parts diagrams show both the parts and the order in which they are assembled. They are divided into several labelled pictures that are numbered to correlate with the parts catalogue's buying options. Picture One shows the largest part needed and includes a view of accompanying parts that can be purchased with the main part by selecting Option One. Surrounding pictures portray the accompanying parts alone; these are purchased separately by choosing their corresponding number from the parts catalogue.

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VW parts numbers include four groups of numbers that ensure the correct part is ordered. In the first group, the first number indicates the type of vehicle, and the last two numbers identify the model. The first number of the second group identifies a part group category such as engine, transmission, body, wheels or electrical, while the remaining numbers indicate its subgroup. The third group is the part's component number. Part numbers often end with a three-letter modification code that indicates the part is available in multiple sizes or colors.

VW is located in Germany and manufactures sports and family cars, as well as multiple sizes of crossover SUVs. The company is best known for its VW Beetle, which hasn't been produced since 2010.

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