How Do You Read a VW Fuse Diagram?


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A VW owner must understand the electrical components in his vehicle so he can read the fuse diagram. The fuse diagram is located in the fuse panel, and the owner's manual lists the location of the fuse panel.

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An owner may find the fuse panel on the driver's side under the steering wheel or in the vehicle's engine compartment. The fuse panel contains several color-coded fuses with numbers stamped on them, indicating different amperage ratings. The fuse diagram shows which fuse works with which electrical component, including the starter, alternator, battery, headlights or power steering, among others. A blown fuse has a blown filament or appears blackened. A fuse may blow due to a temporary electricity overload.

The owner must replace the blown fuse before the vehicle's electrical component will work again. Some vehicles include special pullers for removing the blown fuse, but the owner can also use tweezers or his fingers. The owner must replace the blown fuse with the same amperage. He places the fuse in the slot and pushes it in with his finger before replacing the fuse panel cover. He can check if the electrical circuit is complete by turning on the vehicle's ignition and trying the electrical component attached to the blown fuse.

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