How Do You Read a Saturn Wiring Diagram?

How Do You Read a Saturn Wiring Diagram?

An automotive wiring diagram, such as a one for a Saturn, involves learning the names of the types of components found inside the electrical system along with what direction the current flows. Automotive electrical systems contain relays, sensors, capacitors, fuses and electrical components that work together to receive and send signals through the ECU.

Each component on an electrical diagram is located on a chart which explains each one's function and shows the symbol used to represent it in the diagram. Use the following instructions to properly read an electrical diagram from a Saturn vehicle.

  1. Check the components chart
  2. Read and understand each symbol on the components chart. Analyze the colors used on each symbol along with the specific purpose of each component.

  3. Locate the battery
  4. All the electrical components are routed to the battery; start there and trace both the positive and negative connections. The positive connections provide power to the components, while the negative connections provide grounds.

  5. Analyze the wire color chart
  6. There are several different color combinations used on the wires. Each one gets routed to a certain component on the engine. Analyze and trace each wire to learn what colors are designated to each component.

  7. Read the fuses
  8. The fuses on the engine are also relative to each component that use electricity. Become familiar with the fuse amps required for each slot and component on the engine.