How Do You Read a Polaris Wiring Diagram?

How Do You Read a Polaris Wiring Diagram?

A Polaris wiring diagram is read just like a normal wiring schematic by using several different types of symbols and colors to decipher where and how current travels through the system. To understand the flow of current on a wiring diagram, find the beginning power source and trace it through the various wires of the said system.

An electrical diagram is made up of resistors, diodes, capacitors, colored wires and an energy source. Use the following instructions to understand a wiring diagram on a Polaris.

  1. Read the components chart
  2. Each symbol on an electrical diagram represents a component. Carefully read over the chart to understand what each symbol and component is.

  3. Read the wiring chart
  4. A wiring diagram has color-coded wires, which are used for different parts of the system. Read and understand what each wire is used for on the system.

  5. Find the battery
  6. Locate the battery component on the wiring diagram, which will act as a starting point of the current in the system.

  7. Trace each wire from the battery
  8. Trace the positive wires from the battery to each of the components on the schematic, make note of each relay, resistor or other component that appears along the way.

  9. Mark off each ground
  10. Once all the positive wires are found, focus on the negative lines and mark off each ground that flows throughout the system.