How Do You Read a PAG Oil Chart?

PAG oil charts are separated into two different categories: oil by vehicle manufacturer and oil by compressor manufacturer. The vehicle manufacturer categories are charted in four columns: the manufacturer, compressor type, recommended oil, and notes concerning the oil's performance. The compressor manufacturer categories are charted by manufacturer, compressor type, recommended oil and notes. Some companies, such as ProAir LLC, add the third category of oils that are currently stocked. This chart notes the part number, description and PAG oil viscosity.

PAG oil, or polyalkylene glycol oil, is a lubricant that comes in water soluable and insoluble states that contain 50 to 75 percent oxyethylene and 100 percent oxypropylene, respectively. It is offered in many viscosity grades, all of which can be used in both high- and low-temperature applications. Common uses for PAG oil are in metalworking fluids, quenchants, food-grade lubricants, in the textile industry, and in hydraulic and compressor machines. The water soluble variety is unable to be mixed with petroleum oil.

Using PAG oil offers multiple benefits. The water-soluble oils are easy to clean up, and they biodegrade efficiently, benefiting the environment. Those with high viscosity indexes are extremely stable, while those with low viscosity indexes are less likely to form residue or deposits.