How Do You Read a Kenwood Wiring Diagram?


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Read a Kenwood wiring diagram by matching the colors on the diagram to their corresponding equipment by reading the car's instruction manual. The ground wires are typically black, and yellow might refer to the right speakers. Next, match the colors and equipment pieces to their respective pins to determine their locations in the system. For example, the black ground wire might have the pin G and the right speaker A. Locate the pins to determine where each wire connects.

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Kenwood wiring diagrams depict car audio system wiring. Different vehicle manufacturers, car models and car types have different Kenwood wiring diagrams as each car has a specific wiring system, but Kenwood wiring diagrams are generally similar in appearance. They all have a basic drawing of the wiring system and a table describing what the symbols in the drawing mean. Some car manufacturers use Kenwood wiring diagrams with color, while other use black and white diagrams.

Wiring diagrams are simplified, visual depictions of a specific electrical circuit. They show the different components in a circuit using basic shapes, including how each component connects. Wiring diagrams are generally used for installing or servicing a device, as they give physical information on wire's connections and locations.

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