How Do You Read Harley Torque Specs?


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To read Harley torque specs, refer to the Harley-Davidson vehicle model number, and view the specs on the corresponding section of the page. Torque specifications are typically determined by the engine and its output in relation to horsepower and other qualities.

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Torque is a term that is used to describe the angular momentum of which a vehicle is capable based on considerations such as weight and rotations per minute. On a motorcycle, torque is important because there are only two wheels that govern movement and speed on the vehicle, which means that balance, handling and fuel economy are all determined by the motorcycle's torque and its relationship with the vehicle's horsepower and general output.

The motorcycle's torque is determined by its piston rod, which moves up and down to keep the wheels in motion as fuel is burned inside the engine. Torque is typically expressed in Newton meters, and most specifications describe torque in terms of maximum potential output, as well as the number of revolutions per minute that delivers the maximum torque. The speed of the motorcycle, determined by the piston, changes the current degree of torque that the vehicle produces, and the rotations per minute, or RPM, at which maximum torque is delivered is the most efficient RPM at which fuel is burned.

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