How Do You Read an Engine Parts Diagram?

To read an engine parts diagram, identify the part you need. Fnd the part name on the list that accompanies the diagram, and note its number. Find the number on the diagram, and follow the line to locate a drawing of the component.

If you know what the engine part looks like, but not its name, you can also read the diagram in the reverse order. Locate the drawing of the part, follow the line to the number, and find the number on the chart to find the part name.

Engine diagrams vary based on the manufacturer and the engine. Small engines with few parts may not come with a part chart; instead, part names may be listed directly on the diagram. Some diagrams use the part number to allow easy ordering.

Most engine diagrams use an exploded view, in which each engine component is shown separated and suspended in open space. This view shows each part, down to the smallest washer. In some cases, the diagrams contain arrows that explain how different systems fit together. Diagrams for very large or complex engines often use zoomed-in sections to show the parts for individual engine systems.

Engine owner's manuals, parts websites and repair resources often publish engine diagrams for quick part reference.