How Do You Read an Electric Motor Diagram?

How Do You Read an Electric Motor Diagram?

To read an electric motor diagram, it's necessary to know the different electrical symbols. These include, for example, an M inside a circle for a motor, says Edraw Visualisation Solutions.

To read an electric motor diagram:

  1. Understand symbols for wires and connections
  2. Wires are represented on electric diagrams by lines. A wire is shown as a single line, a two-line bus is shown as two lines, a three-line bus is shown as three lines and so on. Connections between lines are shown as dots over the junction. A terminal is shown as a larger, empty circle.

  3. Recognize symbols for cells and batteries
  4. A battery is shown on an electric motor diagram as two or more lines intersecting the wire line. They are drawn perpendicular to the wire with a gap between them. A cell is shown as a similar set of intersecting lines with plus and minus symbols.

  5. Learn other symbols
  6. There are numerous other symbols that appear on electric diagrams, among them the circled M for a motor. Other similar symbols include an A inside a circle for an ammeter, a V inside a circle for a voltmeter, and a G inside a circle for a Galvanometer. A switch is shown as two circles with the line representing the wire unconnected between them at an angle.