How Do You Read the DMV Driver Handbook Online?

How Do You Read the DMV Driver Handbook Online?

The official website of the Department of Motor Vehicles provides links to the DMV driver handbook of each state. The number and types of handbooks vary by state and may include information for teen and professional drivers. A state may also provide a different handbook for commercial and motorcycle drivers.

To find the DMV driver handbook for your state, visit your state's official DMV website or navigate to On the's homepage, click Forms Library on the interactive menu and choose DMV Driver Handbook on the right side menu under Forms & Publications. Choose a state on the interactive US map or select a state on the dropdown menu. Click the hyperlink under the state's driver's manual to view the handbook online. The handbook is in PDF format and requires an Adobe Reader.

Aside from the DMV driver handbook, the site also provides driver's manuals for commercial and motorcycle operators. Depending on the state's geographical location, the site may also include a boating manual.

Most handbooks commonly disclose the requirements on obtaining different types of licenses as well as other miscellaneous licensing information, such as license renewal, replacement and extension. A driver's handbook often includes basic traffic rules and safety, lane control and driving under special situations.

The handbook, however, may not include detailed information on state laws, safety requirements and traffic violations. This information is accessible through the DMV site. While on a state's DMV handbook page, scroll down to Vehicle Code, and click the hyperlink leading to the location of the selected state's vehicle code.