What Are the Best-Rated Tires?


Consumer Reports rates Michelin as the highest-quality tires as of 2015 due to excellent grip and wear and low rolling resistance. Recommended Michelin tire models include the Defender, Primacy MXV4, and Pilot Sport A/S 3. While Michelin tires are pricier than those of competitors, they have a higher-than-average lifespan.

Continental tires also receive high ratings from Consumer Reports and sometimes outdo Michelin models in tests of handling and stopping power. These tires are often much more affordable than Michelin as well. Recommended Continental models include the ProContact EcoPlus, the PureContact, and ExtremeWinterContact. Other recommended tire brands are Goodyear, known for its all season tires, and Pirelli, which specializes in sportscar tires.