Are the RAM 1500 Trucks Having Frequent Problems?


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Owners of RAM 1500 trucks are known to experience common mechanical problems with their vehicles. Top complaints involve issues with exhaust manifold bolts, multiple coolant leakages, increased oil usage, defective rear window seals and malfunctioning cam sensors, as listed at RepairPal.

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The bolts of the exhaust manifold, which connect the series of cylinders to the engine head, are prone to breakage in RAM 1500 trucks. RepairPal advises to remove and replace the gaskets along with the bolts. Coolant leaks can lead to engine overheating and should be fixed immediately. This should be followed by a careful examination of the car's cooling system to ensure the problem has been fully addressed. Aside from these frequently encountered issues, the RAM 1500 series has also been involved in several recalls due to problems with driveshafts and rear axles, faulty airbag inflators and clutch ignition interlock switch failures.

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