What Are Some Quiet Tires for SUVs?

In terms of noise-handling capability, the five highest-rated tires for sports utility vehicles include Continental's ContiProContact SSR, Dunlop's Grandtrek AT20, General AltiMAX's RT, Goodyear's Eagle LS and Hankook's Optimo H724, based on a 2015 expert analysis by BestReviews. Aside from noise, other variables that were factored in are ride and handling, price and mileage.

The use of SUV tires that reduce road noise can vastly improve the driving experience for those inside the vehicle. Hankook's Optimo H724 remains relatively noiseless despite being subjected to stress. This noise-control efficiency is linked to the tire's narrow tread width, which minimizes road noise by preventing air from accumulating between the road and the tire.

Among the top five car tires, Continental's ContiProContact SSR earned a "best of the best" rating, notes BestReviews. In terms of overall road performance, noise-handling and longevity, this particular tire is a cut above the rest, although it is the most expensive.