What Is a Quick Fix for a Power Steering Leak?

The best way to quickly repair a power steering leak depends on where the leak is originating. Pump leaks can be fixed by tightening the connecting nuts, while hose leaks can be repaired by cutting the leaking area and connecting the pieces with hose clamps.

Power steering is an internal system within a vehicle that allows the driver to easily turn the front wheels of the tires while driving. This is accomplished through special components that correlate the amount the steering wheel is turned into a proportional movement of the wheels, instead of directly requiring the driver to turn the wheels manually. When the power steering system experiences a fluid leak, the mechanism can become less effective and stop working completely, leading to an increased difficulty in controlling the car.

The first step in repairing a leak is to stop the car and inspect the engine area for the cause of the leak. Placing the car on jacks so that the front wheels are not touching the ground aids in evaluating the power steering, because it removes the ground resistance and allows the driver to feel for any internal resistance. Once the car is prepped, locate the power steering pump and hoses and search for any holes or damage.