What Questions Should You Ask Before Buying Used Cube Vans?


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When buying a used cube van, it helps to determine how often and how harshly the previous owner used it. Cube vans are often used for commercial ventures, but one used for a lawn care business, for example, likely has less wear than one used to transport items long distances.

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While cube vans are often built for commercial use, they typically are designed with van engines used for passenger vehicles. They often have durable engines, but they generally lack the durability common on heavy-duty trucks. The type of driving might affect how much wear the components have taken. A high-mileage vehicle primarily used on the highway might be in better condition than one with lower mileage used for local deliveries.

It's important to ask about the vehicle's maintenance. Cube vans used at large companies are often maintained meticulously, and a history that shows regular oil changes and service likely means that the vehicle is in decent condition. Buyers might also want to ask if the vehicle has been in any accidents to ensure that any repairs are documented and were performed correctly. If the vehicle was used for transporting items, buyers might want to ask about the weight of the items hauled. Heavy deliveries tend to place more stress on the suspension, and suspension repairs can be expensive.

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