What Are Some of the Questions on a Senior Driving Test?


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Senior drivers take driving tests at some point in their lives to check whether they are still in perfect mental and physical condition to observe traffic rules and regulations. A decision is then made on whether to renew, revoke, restrict or suspend the person’s driving privilege.

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What Are Some of the Questions on a Senior Driving Test?
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The questions asked in a senior driving test are meant to check any impairment in the cognitive ability of an individual. Apart from the usual questions asked in every driving test, the tests formulated for senior drivers are unique.

There are tests to check visuospatial ability to ensure that the driver sees perfectly well while on the road. Drivers are shown a clock with time indicated and the clock is later taken down and the driver has to draw a clock with hands indicating the time they saw. A driver’s psychomotor speed is also tested to see how fast one can coordinate and interpret information.

Drivers are also asked questions regarding accidents, traffic tickets received, recklessness or any other traffic violations they were involved in. If one was not involved in any major incident, they are issued a license. Seniors are also questioned of any medical disorders and conditions that may render them unfit to operate a motor vehicle.

After the test, licenses are issued to drivers who have the ability to operate a vehicle safely, have good driving habits, can put traffic laws into actual practice and can compensate for any medical or physical conditions that affect their ability to drive safely.

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