What Are Some Qualities of AMG Cars?


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Mercedes-AMG vehicles are high-performance variants of existing Mercedes-Benz vehicles and standalone models modified for high-performance driving, typically with large-displacement engines that produce significantly more power than stock engines. AMG cars also often feature suspension and chassis modifications to improve handling and cosmetic modifications to distinguish them from other Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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German automotive tuning company AMG began specializing in modifying Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the 1970s with a tuned version of the Mercedes-Benz R107 coupe. AMG's reputation for improving the performance of Mercedes-Benz cars was sufficient by the 1990s to motivate AMG and Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler to sign an agreement allowing AMG cars to be sold in Mercedes-Benz showrooms directly, and in 1999 Daimler acquired AMG as a wholly owned subsidiary.

As of 2015, AMG performs much the same function for Mercedes-Benz as the M Performance division of BMW in producing performance-oriented variants of the brand's standard cars, though AMG also produces high-performance vehicles that are exclusive to the Mercedes-AMG brand, such as the SLS AMG. There are also AMG Black models that receive even more modifications beyond standard AMG tuning and engine upgrades.

AMG was long known for extensively using supercharging to improve the performance of Mercedes-Benz engines, though this trend ended in the mid-2000s. Subsequent AMG engines have been either naturally aspirated or turbocharged. In addition to tuning Mercedes-Benz engines and vehicles, AMG also provides power plants to Pagani, an Italian manufacturer of exotic high-performance vehicles.

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