What Are the Qualifications for Placing a Car in the Barrett Jackson Auction?

Ownership is the most important qualification for placing a car in the Barrett Jackson auction, as of September 2015. The submitting party must prove ownership, provide a detailed consignment application and offer documentation to support the claims made in the application. From there, the qualifications vary based on the current Barrett Jackson inventory, the quality of the vehicle, the rarity of the vehicle and the consignment specialist's assessment.

Both individuals and dealers may submit vehicles to Barrett Jackson for consideration. For individuals, the name and address on the application must be identical to the title.

The consignment application, which is available on the Barrett Jackson website, requires basic information about the vehicle, the VIN number and two descriptions. The application also requires five high-quality photos and a copy of the title's front and back page. Applicants should support any claims about upgrades, repairs and installations with dated documentation. Owners can submit the application online via the Barrett Jackson website or by mail.

Once a Barrett Jackson representative approves the consignment application, the vehicle is required to pass a stringent qualification process before it appears in an auction. Barrett Jackson advises consigners to submit applications as early as possible, as the number of applications often outstrips the capacity of each auction.