Are Quadski Amphibious ATVs Safe for Kids to Ride?


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Quadski manufacturer Gibbs Sports Amphibians specifically recommends that no one under the age of 16 is allowed to operate a Quadski. The manufacturer also recommends that riders of any age take both all-terrain vehicle and watercraft safety courses before operating the vehicle.

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Are Quadski Amphibious ATVs Safe for Kids to Ride?
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The Quadski and Quadski XL are amphibious ATVs that operate using tires on land and a water jet system in water. The design of the vehicle permits the wheels to retract when the Quadski is in watercraft mode. As such, the Quadski combines the potential dangers of ATV use with those of Jet Skis, making it unsuitable for use by children. In addition, the Quadski is under recall as of April 2015 due to potential breakage of its handlebars.

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