How Do You Put Gas in a Car?


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To put gas in a car, open the gas tank, select the octane level on the pump machine, and insert the pump nozzle into the tank. Fill the gas tank until the pump stops, and close the tank. Determine the octane level recommended for your gas tank before putting gas in your car.

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  1. Locate and open the gas tank

    Turn off the car engine, and locate the gas tank. Unholster the gas pump from the pump machine, and unscrew the gas tank cap to open the tank. Lift the pump nozzle, and use the pump machine to choose the level of octane your gas tank requires.

  2. Insert the nozzle, and fill the tank

    Insert the gas pump nozzle into the tank spout. To avoid inhaling toxic fumes from the gas pump, turn your head away while pumping. Squeeze the nozzle, and fill up the gas tank. If the pump has a locking mechanism, lock the nozzle, and let the pump run until it automatically stops.

  3. Remove the pump, and replace the cap

    Once the pump stops, unplug the nozzle from the spout, and replace the gas tank cap. Finally, put the pump back in its holster on the pump machine.

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