How Do I Put More Air in My Car's Tires?


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The most common way to add air to your tires is to use the air compressor available to the public at most gas stations, according to Edmunds.com, a prominent automotive website. The other option is to purchase a portable air compressor.

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How Do I Put More Air in My Car's Tires?
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Drivers should always check the pressure in their tires before adding any air, according to the book "Auto Repair for Dummies." Use an air pressure gauge to determine how much air needs to be added. The correct air pressure for every vehicle is found on the inside of the door jam. Check the air pressure at home rather than after driving to a gas station. Driving the vehicle causes the air in the tires to expand, which may lead to a false reading.

To fill the tire with air, take the cap off the tire valve. Place the nozzle of the compressor over the valve and let the air fill the tire. Remove the nozzle for the tire valve intermittently, and check the air pressure with the gauge. When the desired air pressure reading shows up on the gauge, place the cap back on the tire valve. Avoid overinflating the tire because this makes the vehicle more difficult to handle, says Popular Mechanics.

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