What Is the Purpose of a Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Chart?


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A motorcycle helmet sizing chart helps riders to select a perfectly fitting helmet and increase their safety. Helmets protect motorcycle riders from head injuries in case of a crash. The shape and size of the head determines how well a helmet fits.

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What Is the Purpose of a Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Chart?
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Typically, motorcycle helmet sizing charts provide information on the size of the helmet according to the head circumference in inches as well as in metrics. The shape of a helmet also influences fit, and helmets are usually available in three primary designations: round oval, intermediate oval and long oval. Wrapping a tape measure around the temples, about half an inch below the eyebrows, is the most common method of determining the size of the head. Cross checking the resultant number against the helmet manufacturer’s sizing chart gives the correct helmet size. Specifications vary among the different manufacturers, so it is important to rely on a size chart produced by the same company that makes the helmet.

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