What Is the Purpose of a Boat Bow Protector?


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The purpose of a boat bow protector is to shield the bow from damage when docking and to protect the bow from the abrasion and scuffing that trailer rollers, trailer stops and bow rollers cause. The device also protects the gelcoat on a boat, minimizes repair costs, and helps a boat retain its value. Manufacturers use anti-corrosive stainless steel to make a protector, and the companies provide strong adhesives to hold the protector on the bow's surface.

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The bow is the front point of a boat's hull, and it is vulnerable to tears, scratches and other costly damage from docks and boating equipment. Manufacturers of boat bow protectors offer them in standard sizes, with or without a notch, that bend to match the shape of the boat hull. Fiberglass boats are prone to suffering damage in their gelcoat finishes, such as from a bad docking or dropped fishing equipment. Boat owners can follow the do-it-yourself instructions to install bow protectors to reduce such damage in the bow area.

Based in Farmington, Illinois, Gator Guards manufactures its BowShield boat bow protectors using 22-gauge, 316 marine-grade stainless steel for strength and durability. Available in small and medium sizes, BowShield protectors have centerlines that are pre-creased for boaters to bend them with ease. The devices include a urethane adhesive that cures for 24 hours, providing permanent installation.

Available in a standard size with or without a notch and in an extra-large size, the Scuffbuster Bow Guard is an anti-corrosive 22-gauge 304 stainless steel bow protector. The Bow Guard bends to fit a boat's hull and includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive by 3M Company to secure the device to the hull.

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